We are the United States reseller of the best bitcoin hardware wallet crafted in the world today.

Protect your bitcoin savings with this Swiss made hardware wallet, the Bitbox02 bitcoin edition.


The BitBox02 hardware wallet by Shift Crypto


State of the art security designed by experts.

The BitBox02 features a dual chip design with a secure chip. The source code has been independently audited by security researchers and is fully open source.

BitBox hardware wallets began in 2015, and every enhancement and security improvement has led to the BitBox02 available today. The BitBox02’s hardware and software were built from the ground up, prioritizing security, with multiple external security teams reviewing its design and implementation. The hardware is Swiss made and developed by Shift Crypto’s team of Bitcoin experts.

Security you can see

The secure dual-chip architecture reflects our values as a Swiss open-source security company: a secure chip is used for physical device hardening in combination with fully open-source firmware. The firmware has deterministic builds, which means you can verify what you are installing: Don’t trust, verify!

Through our bug bounty program we encourage independent reviews of the firmware and responsible disclosure of any findings.