Greetings Fellow Knowledge Traveler

On the internet, I am known as OpenWaterSwim, but you may also call me Jaes. I live on a lake in the Midwest. I am passionate about open water swimming, music of many genres especially of the electronic variety, personal finance and investing, health and personal wellness, organic gardening, cooking great healthy meals, learning 日本語, the Japanese Language, expanding my knowledge by reading, and sharing my knowledge with others.


I began open water swimming in 2001. In 2002, I reserved this domain name. My original site provided a list of open water swim events across the United States. I learned HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL to accomplish this task. Eventually, it took too much time to manage, so I deleted the site, but kept the domain. Now I have something to say, many things in fact, and since I have the domain, decided to bring it back to life in the form of a personal blog. I hope you find something here that helps expand your knowledge. Thank you for reading.

Tools of My Trade

I am very specific with the technology I use. Here are the tools I use to write this blog, for investing, to study and learn new things, and for development.

About This Site

This site is managed and hosted by BigScoots. I started using them in 2017 for WordPress blog hosting and never looked back. They have an incredibly easy to use interface and first class support. If you would like to create your own web site, I highly recommend using them.

Connect With Me

*The header image is from an original acrylic on canvas painted from a photo of me swimming in open water gifted to me by the artist Adrienne Kleiman.